Privacy Policy


PADMA HEALTHCARE Ltd welcomes your visit to this website and undertakes to protect your privacy. This privacy statement applies solely to the website of PADMA HEALTHCARE Ltd, “”. PADMA HEALTHCARE Ltd does not accept any responsibility for any linked third-party websites.

PADMA HEALTHCARE Ltd utilises “Google Analytics” to improve online presence. Only anonymised data are passed to PADMA HEALTHCARE Ltd (i.e. no IP address). The data collected anonymously consists of: visited pages, visit time, browser used, date, time, place, etc. Due to the anonymisation of data collected no conclusions are drawn about any individuals. PADMA HEALTHCARE Ltd ‘s website analysis merely serves to optimise the website and make it more effective to ensure that the website provides added value for its visitors. For further information, please refer to the privacy policy of Google Analytics.

Of course, you can also be an Internet user against the tracking. For example, do the following:
If you wish to disable Google Analytics, this can be achieved by downloading and installing the Browser add-on to disable Google Analytics. This has been developed for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera. Many browsers also now have a do-not-track function, which can be set in the browser.


PADMA HEALTHCARE Ltd stores your data confidentially and securely in accordance with UK Data Protection Law. Your data is never passed on to third parties.