Tashi Delek is the common greeting of Tibetans and means “May good things come to you”. The literal translation includes reference to health, well-being and success.


The Swiss sister company, PADMA INC [PADMA AG], has been manufacturing herbal medicines and food supplements based on Tibetan herbal knowledge, and with international quality standards, since 1969. The plant and mineral formulations are made exclusively in Switzerland.

PADMA sees itself as a pioneer of integrative healthcare. It combines modern research and Western manufacturing quality standards with the centuries old traditional knowledge of Tibetan medicine and its holistic approach to health and well-being.

Today the company has more than 45 years of practical experience and scientific work enabling a synthesis of modern science and a centuries-old health tradition.



The enormous potential of natural Tibetan formulas can only be fully utilised if the products are manufactured and controlled according to international quality standards.

All PADMA products are manufactured and tested in Wetzikon (Switzerland) in accordance with internationally recognised guidelines for pharmaceutical products.

As is usual in the manufacture of modern medicines, the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) are applied to all the manufacturing steps.

We are proud of our “Made in Switzerland” heritage and plan to stay based in Switzerland for the forseeable future while also ensuring that our products are made available in as many countries as possible.



Scientific exploration of centuries-old Tibetan herbal formulas is the key element of PADMA’s history.

From the outset PADMA has promoted scientific exploration of the mechanisms of action, and potential health applications, of Tibetan multicomponent formulas.

The PADMA formulas have become, over time, the best-researched Tibetan formulas worldwide. Since its inception, PADMA has been a “bridge builder” between cultures, knowledge and healthcare systems.

The results of scientific research have always been the connecting element between these.

To preserve knowledge of the tradition of Tibetan medicine for future generations and to investigate modern day health applications, PADMA will continue to work on the research and development of Tibetan formulas.



We are committed to educating and informing our health practitioners, as well as our customers and sellers, about the components and uses of the PADMA formulas as well as the principles and theories that underpin Tibetan herbal traditions.

For further information and for details of training events please contact us at:

John Eccles House
Oxford Science Park
Robert Robinson Avenue
Oxford, UK. OX4 4GP
Tel: 44 1865 578 578
Email: info@padma.co.uk