Raynaud's Awareness Month

February is Raynaud’s Awareness month in the UK.

One in 6 Brits are thought to suffer from this common condition. It involves oversensitivity of the small blood vessels to temperature changes and can lead to painful, cold and numb extremities. Typically the fingers and toes may be affected, sometimes changing colour and making everyday tasks difficult. It may be triggered by cold, anxiety or stress.

PADMA CIRCOSAN® is a traditional herbal remedy product that is manufactured in Switzerland to high quality and safety standards and according to a proven Tibetan formula. The formula has traditionally been used for minor venous disturbances. “Its effectiveness is due to its complex, mainly plant-based ingredients that combine active substances including flavonoids, tannins and essential oils. Together they contribute to relieve the symptoms of Raynaud's syndrome such as cold, numb or tingling hands or feet.” according to Dr Herbert Schwabl, Managing Director of Padma, Switzerland.

For details of the Sclerodoma and Raynaud’s UK (SRUK) Raise Your Hands Awareness campaign visit their campaign site.